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1 Aug 2021 | 5:05

‘Social prescribing, Integrated Care Systems and the opportunities they provide for sport for development’ will be one of the key issues discussed at the first of the Coalition’s new ‘Town Hall’ sessions.

The first session will take place on Friday 10th September (1000-1130) and will see sector leaders from Public Health England, Open Minds Active, Brunel University and StreetGames share their reflections on this vital issue followed by Q&A and an open discussion with around 60 colleagues from across the Coalition network representing charities, Active Partnerships, Club Community Organisations from the RFL, Premier League and EFL, and sports councils including Sport England and Sport Wales.


The new online Town Hall sessions have been designed to combine debate and discussion on one ‘big issue’ with an open forum that will provide an opportunity for organisations to raise other pertinent issues affecting them.

They will enable members across the Coalition’s growing network to have their say on important issues in the sector, and drive our collective response to them.

Town Hall agenda

Ollie Dudfield, Executive Director of the Coalition, commented: “Integrated Care Systems have been described as ‘the future of health and care integration’. They bring together the NHS, local government and Third Sector organisations to help co-ordinate services, improve population health and reduce inequalities between different groups. The  NHS has identified the role of  voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations within Integrated Care Systems as being ‘crucial to improving care for people and communities’.

“Prevention is being positioned as a key component of Integrated Care Systems. This includes a much stronger emphasis on social prescribing, which is the process for health professionals to refer people to local, non-clinical services, including sport and physical activity programmes.”

Ollie added: “These developments in the health and care provision are highly relevant to sport for development organisations and will an important topic for discussion at the upcoming Town Hall.”


During the sessions, there will be facilitated discussion with the opportunity for attendees to ask questions, debate issues and provide first-hand experience from their communities and delivery programmes.

Read more about the Coalition’s Town Hall sessions here.

The Coalition will also be calling for the network to decide and drive the themes and topics for future Town Halls. Other issues such as funding; equality, diversity and inclusion, and climate change could be featured, with further suggestions invited.

These events will follow on from the induction sessions, which were run during the first half of 2021. The inductions, aimed at new members signing up to the Coalition’s Charter, will also continue throughout the rest of the year. 


Friday 10th September (1000-1130) - Town Hall session 1

Friday 8th October (1000-1100) - Induction session for new members 

Friday 5th November (1000-1130) - Town Hall session 2