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31 Aug 2023 | 10:10

The UK Sport Development Network (UKSDN) is hosting a free online convention discussing climate justice and sport development.

The event, which is being held in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire and the Herts Sport and Physical Activity Partnership, will take place on Wednesday 18th October (1230 to 1630).

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The UKSDN is an informal network of academic professionals and other stakeholders working in different areas of community sports development, who believe in the use of practice-informed research and research informed practice. Read more.

About the event

With the ever-increasing focus on how climate change is affecting all aspects of society, those working in sport are similarly focused on how to cope and adapt with these changes. Most of the focus has been on elite sport, with discussions on how stakeholders can reduce their climate footprint, and how leagues and tournaments can adapt to the changing climate.

However of equal importance is community sport and sport for development. If we consider the broad remit of community sport, the issues of unplayable playing surfaces, be it due to flooding or drought, are becoming more prominent. When thinking about opportunities for physical activity, it is generally those most under-served communities who are most affected, often with limited access to outdoor spaces. So if we want to ensure opportunities to play community sport and be physically active, and also reduce societal inequality, then a focus on climate justice is sorely needed. To learn more on how you and your organisation can embed good climate practices, sign up now.

For this convention, there are four expert speakers:

  • Mark Doidge from Loughborough University will discuss his latest research on football and climate change.
  • David Gent from Active Humber will give an update on the national picture of what the community sport development industry is doing and also on the intersection of climate justice with other forms of social justice.
  • Nav Sira and Anna Heslop from The Change Foundation will then discuss a project on climate education and advise how other organisations can embed climate education in their programmes.

There will also be plenty of time for questions and answers, and we look forward to some lively discussions.

To find out more contact [email protected] 

Book your place here.