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1 Jan 2020 | 16:16

The Sport for Development Coalition is well-placed to support the aims of the Government's Levelling Up White Paper. Here James Mapstone, CEO of the Alliance of Sport in Criminal Justice, explains how projects like 'Levelling the Playing Field' will contribute: 

"The Levelling the Playing Field project (managed by the Alliance of Sport in partnership with the Youth Justice Board) has two common goals which closely align with Mission 8 and Mission 11 of the Government's Levelling Up White Paper.

"By using sport and physical activity to engage ethnically diverse children, we are improving wellbeing in communities that are most adversely affected by inequality. We're activating and energising children through positive role models and mentors, developing a skilled workforce, improving sustainability of community organisations and forging robust local partnerships.

"The project employs a public health approach, providing positive activity and a support network for children which prevents and diverts them from becoming involved in the Criminal Justice System.

"Through research in Levelling the Playing Field's four initial delivery areas (London, West Midlands, South Yorkshire and Gwent), we are building an evidence base of best practice (ie 'what works') to advance policy, practice and investment, enabling us to scale up across England and Wales. We're going to 'scale up to level up' - building social, human and institutional capital and driving systemic change."


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