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1 Jan 2020 | 9:09

The Sport for Development Coalition is well-placed to support the aims of the Government's Levelling Up White Paper. Here Nigel Harrison, Interim CEO of the Active Partnerships network and also CEO of Yorkshire Sport Foundation, explains how his organisations will contribute:

"We welcome the Government's Levelling Up White Paper. For too long, people with the most to gain from being physically active have been the least able to take part. All 12 of the Levelling Up Missions will help to turn this around. They will be addressing many of the barriers that people face to being active; from low income to limited access to public transport. The Missions will be helping to give people the opportunities they need now and in the future to live healthy active lifestyles.

"Our work in communities across the country is revealing how difficult it is for lots of people to be active. The Tackling Inequalities Fund (now the Together Fund), supported by £20million of National Lottery investment, has deepened our understanding of the help that is needed. We are seeing the power of sport and physical activity, and how it can transform lives by improving the education and skills development of our communities that have too often been left behind.

"We look forward to working in partnership with Sport England, local and national partners and across Government to identify the opportunities for how sport and physical activity can help level up."


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