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18 Jan 2023 | 15:15

The Coalition will undergo a review of its Collective Action, and the Working Groups which enable this, throughout the first quarter of 2023. 

Over the last two years, the core team of the Coalition has worked with members to create a series of groups which each meet once every three months to look at workstreams, outputs and deliverables for the network's collective action. The groups cover policy (including mental health and employability), impact, communications, EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion) and workforce development. They are overseen by a Collective Action Leadership Group featuring executives from across the sport for development sector.


An Expression of Interest was issued in late 2021, inviting representatives of Coalition member organisations to sign up to the most relevant group for them, and this may be relaunched following the review.

In December 2022, Amy Caterson was appointed Head of Impact & Engagement after joining the Coalition from Sport Wales, and she will work with current co-chairs to lead the review and ensure the next iteration of the format is fit to serve the Coalition’s growing UK-wide network. It includes more than 250 national and local charities and civil society organisations, leagues, clubs and networks which collectively over-arch thousands of projects and programmes intentionally using targeted interventions to tackle key health and societal inequalities.

Collective action 3

Members join the Coalition by signing up to its Charter. There is no charge to join the Movement and any organisation which is using sport to generate positive outcomes is welcome to join and actively contribute to the Coalition’s collective action. 

As detailed in the Charter, members are expected to “commit to positively engaging with the Coalition and its activities, supporting the empowerment and capacity-building of others in order to broaden the Movement’s collective impact”. 


Coalition members have co-designed the #OpenGoal Shared Advocacy Framework which was launched on 6th April 2022, the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. The framework is helping the Coalition to articulate its impact to Government, with reports relating to two areas of the #OpenGoal framework published so far: 

Furthermore a £5million fund from the Ministry of Justice has been distributed by Coalition partners as part of a third area of #OpenGoal: 

Further outputs, events and activities are being planned and co-designed for throughout 2023 and beyond, in alignment with the #OpenGoal framework. Look out for more details soon on how the Coalition will be marking the first anniversary of #OpenGoal in April.