The recent global Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing national cost-of-living crisis have profoundly impacted employment, education, and training across the UK, with the impact most acute for young people (16 to 24 years old).

Participation in sport-based employability interventions can contribute to employment policy interventions, and there is also evidence that these interventions can support multiple returns on investment, both in terms of providing a cheaper alternative to many active labour market policies, such as job search assistance and targeted training programmes , and as a mechanism to promote cost savings.

This policy brief has been produced to help inform public policy interventions by demonstrating the potential impact of sport-based employability interventions on developing key skills for work and providing opportunities to secure and sustain employment.

It was prepared by Dr Haydn Morgan, Dr Anthony Bush and Dr Harry Bowles at the University of Bath, and made possible through the support of Coalition members London Youth, Premiership Rugby, Sports Leaders UK, StreetGames and Street League.

Policy brief

In this brief, you’ll find clear, evidence-based recommendations on enhancing employability through sport and physical activity participation.

Active for Employment policy brief
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Research report

This research report has been produced to help inform Government policy and promote the benefits of community-based physical activity for everyone. It’s also designed to support and inspire public bodies, funders, commissioners and policy makers as well as community-based programme providers aiming to enhance the impact of movement for mental health.

Active for Employment research report
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Read the research report: Enhancing employability through sport and physical activity participation